Addie, a stay at home momma of TWO sets of TWINS, shares her simple way to lose the weight and keep it off. She writes from experience as she gained 150 pounds during her pregnancies. She guides you on a one year SPIRITUAL JOURNEY to heal your mind, body and spirit. You will shed not only your physical weight but your emotional as well. 53 WEEKS OF SIMPLE MEAL PLANS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY; REALISTIC EXERCISES; HEALTH TIPS AND ENCOURAGEMENT!-Always consult with your body, heart and spirit before starting any new eating, meditation or exercise routine. This one-year adventure will guide you to make the shift to a more fulfilling, purposeful and peaceful way of living. 


"If you eat clean and think good thoughts you can likely just do this on your own. But, if you are like me, and need a little pep talk each week, guidance on simple meals, an exercise laid out for you and maybe the feeling of not being alone on this journey then this book will serve you well!


Recovered emotional eater here to help! "-Addie


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