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👏6 Ingredient Breakfast Muffins for the Entire Fam Bam! 51 Calories, 2 Net Carb😻

See, this is the kind of thing I am talkin about ya'll! SIMPLICITY when it comes to food and recipes!

I remember when I started this book, actually this blog too. My recipes were quite long and a bit difficult. As a stay at home momma I had the time to look into these elaborate recipes. Now that I am starting to get out of the house little more, I see that MOST PEOPLE are not going to want to spend all of their time in the kitchen (like I like to!)

Out of all of my 90 + recipes in the book Better Food, Better Food (along with 53 weeks of meal plans, exercises and a new health tip each week to focus on) I am sure to make them all easy to read, easy to follow and easy to find ingredients.

Let's be realistic! We are not all chefs. We just want to put good, healthy food on the table for the family in a short amount of time!

I have done most of the work for you in this book! AND I AM STILL DOING IT! Because I friggen love it!

Throw me a recipe you love and I am almost certain to be able to HEALTHIFY IT! Go on try it!

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I promise you will use the products more than just on this recipe as you follow me or the book!

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