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8 bucks to a NEW YOU!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Being salesy makes me feel icky. Believe it or not I hate selling- I hate talking about you having to purchase products from me and I hate that you even have to spend money to work with me. I wish I could do this all for free, and honestly, I pretty much do. I just want to get health in everyone‘s home. It is my passion and purpose and I truly do love it.

I do believe in the products that I recommend to at least get you going on your journey to a better you. I don’t think you have to use them forever in fact if you listen here you will see that I am not a protein shake for life kinda gal.

I created this book for less than 8 bucks for YOU to keep going or to look back at. To have something at home to hold onto IN YOUR home, physically hold on to. With recipes and workouts and motivation, galore. I wanted to create something that I KNEW WOULD HELP you on your journey to health without having to check in on social media or having to spend a lot of money or having to even talk to me! I just want to get health into your home and that is exactly what this book does.

CHECK IT OUT HERE, it WILL change your life.

Cheers, Ad


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