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IF AND ONLY IF YOU START TO EAT CLEAN you will not have to worry SO much about counting calories and carbs and sugars and this and that! You have to start somewhere so my suggestion is to start basic and keep it simple!


8 oz of Ice cold water at waking

Warm lemon water mug cup

Meal ONE:

Scoop of Shakeology mixed with a serving of Pure MCT oil mixed with 8 oz of Almond milk and 4 oz of water in a large shaker filled with ice and SHAKE !! 

Warm lemon water 

Meal TWO:

Yellow or orange pepper sliced with 2 tbs of hummus w/

Detox smoothie:


½ C ice

½ C spinach

½ C frozen pineapple

1tbs coconut oil

8 oz of coconut water

Top with more filtered water for a less thick consistency 

Meal 3:

One cup of cauliflower florets in microwave safe dish with dash of water microwave for about 3-4 minutes – strain and dry on towel…top with ¼ avocado mashed

Hot lemon water- 8 oz

Ice cold lemon water- 8oz

Meal 4:

½ c cooked quinoa

½ c cooked squash

½ c cooked sweet potato

Handful of cooked spinach (sauté in pan with 1 tsp of olive oil)

¼ c Black beans

Top with ¼ avocado and salsa 

And 1 tsp of olive oil

Meal 5:

Cup of caffeine free tea with 2-3  Seedballs

The most success I have found for my clients and myself is to eat the same thing daily through the week. Adventure on the weekend! Find your favs and stick with it during weekdays so you won’t be tempted to go off track. Now, I know there are exceptions as far as parties, vacations and celebrations BUT for your basic weekday I would keep it simple and basic! Advise on weekends and holidays? Click here

Want a three week MEAL PLAN for you? Help with your weight loss goals? Click HERE!

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