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❤️"Almond Bark"❤️

Updated: Feb 4

❤️The kids loved this! I could not make it fast enough! As featured on Moms Everyday it has been a huge hit when wanting some ice cream but it is mid week and you don't really need those extra cals? You know what I mean, right? We save our "special snacks" for weekends here at my house. So this snack is a great fill in and it tastes like dessert!

❤️1 Large Container Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Spread this out on a cookie sheet that is LINED WITH PARCHMENT PAPER..

Parchment paper is key here so you can pick it up when frozen.

Now top with your choice of fruits or even mini chocolate chips.

❤️I used about a cup of frozen blueberries and 1/4 C of the chocolate

❤️Place in freezer for several hours.

Take it out and lift up the parchment paper to break the yogurt "bark" up a bit as you would normal holiday bark.

❤️Serve frozen!

Must store in freezer, this does melt quite fast and can be a bit messy if left out.


Happy Cooking!



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