• HealthyHairdresserAddie

Anxiety Ridden TO MY BEST SELF ever? YOU CAN TOO!

Hi I am Addie Graffin and I 100% believe that I was placed on this earth to make other’s feel better about themselves and their situation.

I was not the smartest kid growing up. I was a C student with really no aspiring dreams as to what I would become. I was not especially good at anything.

I dealt with so much overwhelming anxiety in my early to mid 20's unsure if the path I had taken was the right one. Picking up and moving away from everything and everyone I knew was totally out of my comfortable zone but I did it anyway. I began to work my butt off for a business I built and became a career chick in the city.

Then one day I woke up and had 4 kids under 2 years old and had to quit it all. (Yes, I had 2 sets of twins in 2 years)


Little did I know that this would make me become my best self yet and gave me the courage and the heart to show other’s that they can basically have the life sucked out of them with anxiety, stress and worry and still can turn it around NO MATTER WHAT.

That is my story in this one year of a momma who shares her struggles to show others there is absolutely still hope in their world that might seem hopeless right now.

Sometimes the “NO NAME” people like myself can make all the difference in this world. Please consider my book and help me to get the word out? You could change not only your life around but so many others!