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Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine

My youngest sister brought me back a bottle of olive oil from Spain. She said this is real, authentic olive oil. I looked at the bottle and it really didn’t look that different from other bottles at the local stores except it was all in Spanish. When I opened it though….that smell and texture and oh the taste!! So amazing and SO SO different than any olive oil I have ever tasted in my life…this was in fact “of undisputed origin and genuine”. Cooking with it was amazing and I want to find more!!! Once you have the real stuff it is hard, in fact, to go back.

Yesterday I stopped in at my uncles house. Wanted to pick something up quick but also just wanted to chat. As I thought of pulling in to his house though this sort of embarrassment or shame came over me. Over the weekend Kevin and I purchased a new family vehicle and I was feeling like this car was not me at all and I didn’t want anyone to see me in it! We pulled in and immediately my aunt and uncle came out—wow that is such a nice vehicle Addie…looks great! Thanks- I said shyly… I looked at my uncle and I said “ I just feel like it is too fancy for me…I don’t want anyone to think I am fancy, because I am NOT.” He looked at me straight in the eyes and said “Addie, just be you, that’s all you have to be.” Just be you……that sat with me all night long and into this morning. I thought—am I not being me? Does he think I am not being me? Do other people think I am not being me?? Authentic….am I being authentic? On the outside I look like the rest but on the inside am I truly being honest with myself and with others? I tossed this around and the answer is YES! So, why am I so worried about what others are going to think about what I drive or where I live or this or that sometimes?? I think it is natural for us all to wonder what others are thinking—but here is the deal…..IF you are being AUTHENTIC: of undisputed origin; genuine….then that is ALL YOU NEED TO BE! Have peace with that- have peace with yourself : have peace with others…..in the end we all will be in the same place….what matters is if you were being honest with yourself and with others. You will sleep a lot better at night living this way: I promise……If you want to be fancy…be fancy! If you want to be plain…be plain…if you want to be a little of both ….then do that!! It is all good!! Every last bit…..My Uncle Dick….one of the smartest men you will ever talk to ….along side his brothers and grandma Droessler, of course!  

***If others don’t like you or accept you for who you are, it is ok….we all want acceptance and that is ok too—but just don’t change who you are to achieve it .


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