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😩Back Pain? You ain't alone my friend!👯‍♀️

🍁Why did we forget about Pilates?

🍁Well, for me it was one of my favorite classes to teach when I started my group fitness training over 10 years ago. Not only because of the benefits of toning up my muscles but also the fact that the entire focus of the class is on most of our problem areas, "the 3 B's", Belly, Butt and Backs!

🍁Our midsection is the one of, if not the MOST important part of our bodies, to keep strong.

🍁Millions suffer from back pain and most medicate for it their entire lives.

🍁Here to help! I know I have been on a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY for a hot minute and YOGA was front and center for quite some time. But, now that I finally have convinced you that YOGA is necessary in life for lengthening and toning your physical body, yes. Also YOGA IS an essential part of living a PEACEFUL, INTENTIONAL and JOY FILLED life. My Yoga practice will still continue several days a week but now I am also going to be adding in Pilates for ya'll (and myself lol) . Who doesn't want a tone midsection?

🍁Below is my new calendar for OCTOBER IN PERSON (@POM) AND ONLINE CLASSES (via UWP and ZOOM).


🍁SIGN up for classes at POM RIGHT HERE!


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🍁Questions? Email me HealthyHairdresserAddie@gmail.com

🍁Who misses Dancing Yoga?

❤️In Spirit,



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