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❤️BIG NEWS! I am finally doing it!❤️

❤️ Yep , I am nervous as heck but 100% sure this is my calling.

❤️After almost 15 years of teaching Group Fitness I am finally, FINALLY opening my VERY OWN studio! And, I could not be more....well, SCARED!

❤️I mean what am I even doing? I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, a hubby, 10 chickens, goats are coming in 🐐 (says Kevin), and now a studio too!

❤️Fun fact: in 2005 I opened my very own studio, Accents Hair Studio. I had a small salon and it was my very own. I loved it. I had this little space of my own up until I gave birth to my first set of twins. Then I shut it down and thought that was the end of this one time Career Ladies, career dreams.❤️

❤️I thought having kids (now 4 of them) meant you had to give up yourself, your hopes, your dreams. I thought that being a momma meant selflessness at all times. That is why I have been struggling to pull the trigger on this new adventure.

❤️You see, I didn't want to seem like a selfish mom who put her needs before her kids. I didn't want to feel as though I loved myself more than my own kids? I wanted to be that mom who didn't think of herself but always put her family first. Sounds very June (Leave it to Beaver) like, right?

❤️I did that and it made me feel depleted. Like myself worth was nonexistent. I was feeling drained all of the time from the repeat, robot cycle I was living. Laundry, cook, clean, get groceries. Then do it again. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ( I want to add though, that when my babies were babies I did love EVERY MINUTE OF IT)

❤️Ok, I do love being a homemaker. You know I am an amazing cook. However,everyday with no variety of doing what makes my heart sing. Nope.

❤️7 years at home. It was so good too! I mean it was the best. But, it is ok that I want to move on from it now. I am ready to step back into the old Addie ( who, by the way, was never known as Addie at my old studio. My real name is ADELEI).

❤️So here I go! I hope you will join me on this wild ride. (pun intended as I am opening a CYCLING AND FITNESS STUDIO).

❤️We will Cycle, Dance, we will Tai- Chi, we will stretch and do Pilates. We will learn to breathe through our stresses together. We will have the most fun we have ever had getting our fit on. We will be there to cheer each other on.

❤️We will because we are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER (in person).

❤️I will lift you if you lift me❤️

❤️Check out MY NEW STUDIO AND CLASS SCHEDULE WEBSITE HERE! Maybe even share the news with some friends❤️

❤️In Spirit,


(It needs some TLC but I AM GONNA MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL!!)


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