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Busy mom- how she gets it in!

People ask me all the time- how do you get your workouts in? How do you have time or energy with four kids under the age of three to get your workouts in…. answer– I don’t have the time or the energy. I fake it sometimes– I just keep going- Sometimes, it takes me all morning to get one workout in. Sometime I am SO fricken tired because 3 of the 4 kids were up the entire night that the last thing I want to do is a workout. But I just do it! I do sh*t that I don’t want to do A LOT in this life. I do sh*t that I don’t want to do– that is pretty much what all moms are doing. Am i right. we do sh*t we don’t want to do. I don’t want to get up at midnight, three and 5 but I do… I don’t want to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for four kids and a husband and at the end of the day the dogs ate most of it off the floor- but i do…. I don’t want to walk the dogs at 8:30 at night when my husband gets home from work who by the way left at 8 am but i do it…. and I sure as hell don’t want to pick my tired ass up and do jumping jacks to a video and edit it 67 times before posting it but I do it– why ? Because – because without these commitments my life would be meaningless- it would be pointless…. It would mean nothing. I chose these commitments– I chose these kids, this husband, these dogs this page– I chose it and even when I don’t “feel like it” I just do. I just do because at the end of the day I LOVE every bit of it– even on the days that I don’t. I love the reward I feel after doing 50 burpees and 14 sets of 35 jumping jacks… I love the fact that I have these kids to feed and these dogs to walk and this husband who works 12 hour days just so I can stay home, I love this page and the people who read it! I do– I really do love this life that God gave me- and even on the tough days — I still remember I was given this life and I will be damned if I gonna give up on it. Just keep going momma! You got this

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