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You know what’s great? That you can redefine yourself at any given moment and given day. So long as the sun rises you have a new chance to become who you have always longed to be? But, what if you don’t know who you have always wanted to be? Well,  you find out by doing the things that bring you joy. Yes, it is that simple. What comes natural to you and makes you feel good about you? It can be the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the people you hang out with, the way you decorate. It can be the way you relax, the books you read, the exercise you do. It can be your job or career. It can be so many things that define who you are. For me it has been tough to figure out. Years actually to find who I really am.

I can tell I am in my most authentic state right now because I don’t live with any worry or fear of what other people are SAYING about me. Note that I did not say what they THINK of me, sometimes I can let that hit me, but what they SAY about ME out loud to other PEOPLE...that does not bother me ONE BIT and I will tell you exactly why...

I am living out WHO I TRULY AM FINALLY!!!! After being fakety fake for years and years of trying to fit in I am being REAL!

I can tell I am a mix between the 2 people who made me ….

I love like my mom 

I live like my dad

So, how can you begin to create who you WANT to be? Do things that make your gut, your insides feel good- I don’t mean just food ya’ll, I mean when you make a decision or when you speak or when you act does it FELL GOOD and RIGHT or ICKY and FAKE?

 That will determine your gateway to REAL HAPPINESS. 




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