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Cashew Butter Balls

These are so good my kids even loved them! The sweetness is just enough for your sugar craving without being too unhealthy for you and your fam bam. You MUST TRY THESE!! Notice that your taste buds will change the more you get the yucky sugars out and start having less and less each day! PROMISE! You will need a food processor like this one. I use mine ALL THE TIME!

Pour in my

1 cup of almonds

1 cup of cashews

and blend until a nut butter

Now add

1 c of Hemp Seeds

1/2 Carbquick

1 TBS of Truvia

Blend again until forms a dough.

Scoop out about 1 TBS at a time and roll into balls.

Place on parchment paper or silicon mat lined cookie sheet and put in freezer for an hour. Now you can place them in tupperwear and I keep them stored in freezer.


Mine made about 20

If your working with me on your health goals in my Nutrition Bootcamp you can count as a very smart yellow! Fill it up!

Cheers, Addie


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