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🪑Chair Workout (5 minutes!)🪑

🪑Yep, get out of that chair (or stay in it) and try this out!

🪑If you take a 10 minute break (or even 5) every hour and do these moves you will be UH-MAZED at the benefits you will start to see and feel almost immediately!

🪑Check it out now...

🥳BIG NEWS CORPORATE!! I have come up with an online wellness plan (LIVE 30 minute classes with yours truly!) for your entire work crew!

🧘‍♂️We talk about meal prep ideas, chair yoga, stress relieving strategies and so much more!

🤩A FOUR WEEK SERIES. We will meet LIVE VIRTUALLY 30 minutes 2x per week. With a different topic each week.


Cheers, Addie

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