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Change your thinking??

What about this? It is cold – windy – snowy yesterday- it feels like it will not end- and the weather can really make you feel down – it really can. I mean I want to get my spring coats out and stop with the half an hour bundle up every day to get the kids out the door! But lets do this instead…redirect our thoughts…instead of saying

God, why such crappy weather?

God, why snow in April?

God, why can’t it just be warm already?

God, why so much hatred in this world?

God, why so much war?

God, why so much hunger?

God, why so much sickness?

God, why was my childhood so tough?

God, why don’t I have more money?

God , why cant I be thinner, prettier, stronger?

God, why so much……EVIL?

Instead of saying this can we redirect and say this…..

God, why such beautiful sunrises?

God, why do you make the snow such a pretty white?

God, why do the birds sound so sweet in the morning?

God, why so many good people helping others?

God, why do the mountains and ocean have endless beauty?

God, why do you always show me signs you are with me right when I need?

God, why so much healing?

God, why so much healthy food growing from the earth?

God, why did you make me so beautifully unique?

God, why such a loving family and friends?

God, why so much…..LOVE?

Maybe the second part is the way you think already- but if its not the way you think…just try it for a day? Every time a negative thought comes to you stop it right then and there and turn it somehow some way in to a positive.


(Note: inspired by yourpurpose.org)


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