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Chinese Takeout

While craving take out today I decided to try to make a healthier version. I am not saying I don’t do take out food, I do! I just don’t do it on a random Wednesday. I try to save my out do eat treats for special occasions! My passion is and has been for several years now making GOOD FOOD that WE CRAVE healthier for us and our families. I have loved doing this for my family and for my friends and clients families too!

Now though I even want to take it up a notch. I want to get HEALTHY food in yours and your families bodies with less ingredients. I now am researching and testing new recipes that will contain fewer than 7 ingredients! YES – GOOD FOOD with less ingredients. Because, LESS IS MORE in a lot of cases dealing with food. It is cheaper and usually healthier!

Here is one of the many I have tried and is family approved!

Chinese Take- OUT


1 large bag of shedded coleslaw mix ( I like to buy the one’s with carrots and extra veggies in it)

1 lb of ground beef or turkey

1 carton of mushroom

1 tsp ginger

1/4 C soy sauce

3 TBS of natural peanut butter

salt and pepper to taste

Brown your beef about half way in a large skillet add all the rest of ingredients. Stir and let simmer about 10 min.

You can FOR SURE add more veggies if you wanted!



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