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Cleanse Progress and Results!!


Day 1 of three cleanse

Today I feel good. I am super busy with the kids and with some work that I don’t even think about eating too much. Actually, I think this is SUPER easy when you are busy because you have no guess work- I made all my food yesterday and just packed it up in containers and it was no problem! Not hungry really at all today. Could also be because I ate enough the last FOUR days to keep me full for eternity! Lol

I started my day normal- woke up drank 8 oz of ice cold water —I worked out (t25) after my workout- just did the same ole routine= a shot of ACV with some water then chugged about 8 oz of water after…..had a cup of hot lemon water then on to my first meal

Breakfast was easy with a Shakeology shake (my FAV!!) mixed in with my ½ C frozen pineapple some ice and water and blended well. Very filling and satisfying!

I had a cup of green tea that I brewed hot then poured over a big cup of ice with lemon and a few drops of stevia….mid morning I drank the fiber sweep, which I was TOTALLY dreading but surprisingly tasted a little like lemonade with some obvious thickness to it… on to morning snack of 5 baby carrots  and 2tbs of hummus. Continued to drink water all day long—(half my body in oz) – lunch was on the go – I had my Vanilla Fresh shake on ice with a pear …more water – around 4 ish I then had cup of hot lemon water (my norm everyday) with my afternoon snack of a red bell pepper sliced and 2tbs of avocado (I did quac in those little packages to help make it easier – u must make sure nothing extra is added- no sugars no nothing) then on to my afternoon caffeine free tea…. By dinner I was pretty hungry- I had peppers, carrots, green beans, ginger and garlic sauted with some vegetable broth……another Vanilla Fresh shake with some water on ice and just shaken not blended…. I was fine- felt good felt satisfied and went to bed no problemo!

Day 2/3

Woke up grumpy- like a total bitch. I am hungry- I am weak- I am tired…..what the F is wrong with me? I mean come on it is only 3 fricken days….that's what I keep telling my group- who by the way is  doing awesome and not complaining one bit!!

Went on to my routine- ran – I usually run today about 3 miles interval with planks in between each interval ( I can give you more detail if you want) anyway I was weak and could NOT do it all- I was hating EVERY minute of this—hating it – so I just stopped at about 2.5 mi and said forget it! Went upstairs to follow my normal routine— hot lemon water- ACV – water…..then Shakeo this morning with pineapple again- (SO GOOD!) feeling better now that I got this in me and its literally my favorite meal of the day!! Kind of tired but doing ok-=- kept everything the same—tons of water- fiber sweep in morning- followed by more water and snack of carrots and hummus—some green tea on ice with lemon lunch was the same- with Vanilla Fresh shake and 2/3 C of blueberries blended- so , I guess a little different than yesterday because I was home to blend…SO GOOD! You must try blueberries in your superfoods- it was delicious—berries are so so good for you!…..afternoon snack with some caffeine free tea was same red pepper with avocado…….ok- now I am hungry- like starving-=- and tired and crabby….I love dinner time- I look forward to it all day and here I am making this AMAZING looking pan of lasagna for the family and I get bird food—it might as well be fricken bird food- I am not looking forward to this at all!! Should I just say screw and have some-= I mean no one would know—it looks so so so good- but at this point like everything in my house looks good—even the week old leftovers from turkey day look good>…..pumpkin pie is staring at me too….. omg I am not sure I can do this…..crap……

I do- I conquer this HARD TUESDAY- I knew that this would be the hardest day of the three days…..dinner was veggie stirfry again with Vanilla fresh shake mixed with a tad of cinnamon- van extract and tiny bit of stevia……I blended it with water and ice and it tasted like dessert- but at this point the rotten salad in the back of the fridge would taste like fricken dessert—any food would taste like desert….I am still hungry – I am bitchy and have a headache and hungry…my kids are having there snack after dinner – which I almost always participate in and tonight I am drueling like my dog Sprocket does at every single meal that we eat—I feel like poor ole Sprockey right now….I totally know how she feels- someone throw me a scrap== please anything…even a half eaten cracker- its fine I will take it!

BUT I don’t—I stay disciplined…..I have a group to motivate after all….or are they motivating me?

Day 3/3

Can not believe its day three already- yes I can that was a lie. This felt like an eternity. I have to say though- I feel surprisingly good this evening. I am drinking my last Vanilla FRESH and I am feeling a bit sad because I am liking this little after dinner snack. This cleanse was great because it told be EXACTLY what to do and when to do – no guessing and biggest of all NO HORSE PILLS—all natural not pills just food and superpowder which to me equals super POWERS! Day went as follows: woke up with no ambition to work out what so ever (which is SO NOT ME!!) but I did anyway…mildly though….a few low key workouts on demand and it felt just fine along with yoga too- I then followed my routine –

WATER as I woke of course

Workout (missing my pre-workout drink so so much!! )

Hot lemon water

Water water water


Shakeology with pineapple chunks

Morning snack – carrots and hummus

Water water

Fiber sweep



Vanilla fresh for lunch with blueberries

Red pepper with avocado

Water water



Stir fry of some sort that I whipped up and burnt but it was fine- (watching the kids eat and forgot it was on the stove)

Water water

Vanilla fresh on ice with cinnamon

It is 6:14 pm as I write this- I never intended on writing about the cleanse but here is the thing—I found that during the kids nightly snack- I needed to find something else to keep me busy because I want some of that SNACK!! So, Monday I decided I would write every night when they get a snack….so here I am on WED and I might make this a permanent thing- then I don’t have to think about snacking- I have something else to put my attention on. Yeah?

** a few things I learned……YOU CAN NOT maintain a lifestyle on less 1000 calories…..this is not life- this is a cleanse and its perfectly healthy to do – but not every day— maybe monthly or quarterly but NOT daily.. I don’t like not feeling strong and alive and awake—eating too few calories makes one weak and tired and HANGRY—-BUT once in awhile it is good to feel this way and to take charge of your health again- sometimes we just need to hit that reset button and just GO! It makes us appreciate – 1. FOOD 2. Workouts 3. It makes me realize that FOOD is really intended on fueling our bodies….FUELING – food is for fuel ok—this is great to remember and to relearn again. I too forget sometimes and use it to cope or take away stress or for reward—but we are not dogs- we are educated humans (no offense to dogs)- but we are educated human beings – rewarding our days with food is not how we should treat our bodies or ourselves.


I am down 6 lbs! I feel lighter yes but I feel super toned too!! I feel picky on what I will choose to eat and think it is a great experience for all to try!!


“I am down 5 lbs as well!  I agree with wanting to eat everything in the house last night.   Just can’t wait to actually have some meat in my diet!  I like veggies but can’t go without some good protein for too long.”

“Breakfast for me today was a take on your overnight oats:  a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt, half a scoop of shakeo, a handful of frozen blueberries, and homemade granola to top.  Due the the restricted eating over the last couple of days, I could barely finish it this morning!

Oh, and I went to bed last night when I realized I wanted to eat everything in sight.  Felt great waking up this morning!  Added benefit, lost 3.8 pounds and can feel that my pants fit a bit better too!”

“I can’t believe I did it.  I was totally talking myself in to cheating last night, but fell asleep before I could!  Hahaha!

It was a nice experiment to appreciate food and feeling hungry.  It was a good wake up for me to get back on track, so kudos to you Addie for taking me on this crazy ride, but hopefully I won’t need to do it again!

Everyone should experience it though!”

“I’m shocked…I lost 8 pounds!”

“Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that I think you are so motivational, positive and love following your posts! The 3 day refresh was a challenge but I feel great and it was totally worth it! Thanks again!! I need to join the 25 days of fitness!”

"Appreciating life’s simple pleasures and feeling good. We did it!”

Wow! What an amazing group we had this round!

Loved it and all of you for the support! GREAT JOB!! You should feel SO SO proud of yourselves—this isn't about motivation- it is about discipline- you all win!

Want to try this cleanse?? I can help ya out!

Xoxo, AD


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