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Confessions of a FIT BITCH!

Notice, I didn’t say skinny bitch. As I was skinny once upon a time and my habits were smokin and diet cokin.

Things have changed and progressed in myself and my goals over the years and my perception of skinny has become different. Skinny for me is NOW being STRONG. I want to be healthy and strong from the inside out. With doing this I have picked up some beneficial habits that I hope can and will help you on your journey to fit. I want to say this...IT works- but only if you let it! Only if you believe it. Anything can work if you just FIRST, make your MINDshift to believe. Your body will do amazing things but you have to think you can first!! ok?


1. I wake up everyone morning and drink a tall glass of water 8-16 oz!

2. I start my day with a workout. It can be yoga or kickboxing maybe even dancing. All can be found RIGHT here! I start my day every single day with some sort of movement if that is 5 minutes or 50 minutes it is a staple in my daily habits of becoming a fit bitch.

3. I drink warm lemon water every single morning before I eat anything else. I warm a tea kettle of water and add a tbs of apple cider vinegar and the juice of a piece of lemon to a mug and drink away the toxins and add the purifying effects this has on my skin!

4. I drink a mason jar of cold water before eating anything for the day.

5. I practice Intermittent Fasting 90 percent of my days.

6. I eat 90 percent cleans and 85 percent plant based.

6. I talk good to myself and pray about my ventures. I pray for God to put his will on my mind and to keep me content in and on this journey he has set me out on. I use this devotional daily.

7. I read. I read the paper. I read books. I read magazines. I read about health, about fitness. I study things that interest me and make me feel more educated which in turn makes me more confident. More on confidence builders here.

8. I pick a room or two in my house to tackle that day. If I think of my entire house I get overwhelmed and say FORGET IT. So, instead I focus on one room at a time. Maybe the kitchen a day then the floors another and so on. (This has nothing to do with physically fit but mentally it helps and it all starts from within).

9. I have come to realize that self talk and meditation are the way of fit. If i am not at peace mentally then physically I will not be either. I am sure to practice 3-5 minutes of meditation on the daily. I think of Peace and Contentment. I seek to become calm and happy. I say these in my head over and over until I believe that I am happy, I am calm and I am at peace with the universe and myself. I like this one here.

10. I drink 8-16 oz of water before every single meal AND before I take seconds.

11. I eat raw vegetables every single day. I start my day with them usually. I cut them up (carrots, celery, peppers etc.) at the beginning of the week and baggie them so they are easy to grab.

12. I practice portion control.

13. I stop eating after dinner and a few hours before bed.

14. I feel no guilt giving myself breaks and being selfish with self care. Whether it is getting a pedicure or shopping alone or maybe meeting a friend for coffee, no guilt is felt. It makes me a better mom and wife to take breaks.

15. I accept things as they are and not as I think they should be. I sometimes want to change people and situations just like everyone else but when I stop controlling, when I let go and release that control I am trying to grasp and decide that all situations are what they are and people think and feel what they think. It is NOT on me to change them. It brings me to a place of rest that I can not even explain. The greatness of letting go and just letting things be what they are is higher than any other practice I have known on my journey to become a real #FITBITCH



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