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Creamy Beef over Sweet Potato (Vegetables snuck in)

This is some good COMFORT food at its FINEST!

Healthier and satisfying on this cold, summer day!

You will need.

1.5 Ground Beef (or meat of choice)

2 C raw spinach

4 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese

½C plain greek yogurt (I use FAGE)

1 TBS Chives

1 TBS Minced Onion

1 tsp Garlic Powder

In a large skillet on the stove place the beef and start to brown.  Chop up your spinach and add to the beef. Once cooked I usually drain the grease. Now stir in the rest of ingredients and let simmer about 10 min. You could eat alone or top a baked sweet potato for really great carbohydrate to protein ratio. Veggies included in here and you would not even know it with the spinach cooked down. 


1 RED container and A yellow if sweet potato added!

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