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Creamy Chocolately Goodness

These have been INCREDIBLE FOR my sweet tooth this week along with a cup of tea…perfect snack!

Microwave until melted

1 tsp of coconut oil and 1 TBS of natural peanut butter

Stir in

1tbs of cocoa powder

1 tbs powdered peanut butter

1/2 Scoop of chocolate or vanilla shakeology

1-2tbs of almond milk (should be like a brownie consistency or a little thinner)

2 tbs of chocolate coconut milk yogurt – BUT YOU CAN JUST USE greek yogurt

1 diced up strawberry

Mix well and scoop into fourish balls

Might be a bit runny but its ok

Freeze about 15-30 minutes


1/2 red

1/2 yellow ( i am calling it that becuase it is SO many tsp: if you have enough tsp you can count it as 5tsp instead of half a yellow


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