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🧘‍♀️Dancing Yoga💃- why YOU need it in YOUR life

What is dancing yoga?

"A combination of dance, stretching and meditation all in this fun filled calorie burning workout. You will leave feeling balanced physically, mentally and stronger inside and out. This class is for all levels."

Check this out...

Why it will benefit you?

It is lower impact cardio. You won’t even know it is a workout. You don’t need expensive shoes. You burn major calories and tone up at the same time. No heavy weights, no being hard on your body. Just dancing and stretching. The fun you will have is unexplainable.

Like this....

At the end I will lead you through a guided meditation to start to love you for you. To start to see the outside world with a more peaceful view. Head and neck massage to fully surrender your way into elevated emotions as you step out into your day.

Dancing Yogi's- FULL VIDEO workout HERE

Tuesday's 8:30 AM @ TriState Fitness

Friday's 5:30 AM @ POM (Peace Of Mind) --sign up here

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