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Day 1 Ultimate Reset

Day one of the Ultimate Reset.

Can I just tell you first, that I totally went back to my old ways for a day. Sunday. I told myself in my head that for the next 21 days I would not be able to have this or that so I could eat whatever I wanted. Big mistake! I ate until I felt sick. Cookies and chips and pizza! You name it I probably ate it! I am unsure why. I mean, I was really looking forward to not starting the week off feeling so icky, but I did!

I woke up Monday in a shit mood. I was puffier than usual and bloated beyond belief. I was grumpy because I felt so much guilt from the weekend binge that I did not even really want to start the UR. I also must say during this cleanse I am weaning off the caffeine too. So, you can imagine the prize I was to be around Monday. Food hangover and under caffeinated. I weighed in at 148! Let me tell you, I am not a numbers gal, however I do know where I feel my best and 148 is not that! I stagger around 141 usually. That is where I feel my best and my strongest. I understand some of those lbs were water weight from the weekend but still, that is quite a bit above average for me.

So, here I am 7 pounds heavier, no caffeine yet and the understanding that for the next 21 days I am going to be following a very boring regimen of eating and did I mention I have not tapped into social media for 3 days! Yep I am cleansing of the good ole facebook and instagram! That, surprisingly, has not been that difficult. Kind of refreshing to say the least!

The day went....ok. Not great not horrible just ok. I gave myself grace the entire day. I laid on the couch a bit, I did some reading and kept myself busy with some light house work. I did do a mini workout, for my mental sanity I needed to move my body for a few minutes. Also, I have added a 10 minute meditation daily to this "new" cleansing me!

The food is actually quite filling and not as boring as I had thought. The supplements are in the picture below to start to get my gut into check again. I actually ate the meals backwards. I started the day with salmon, potatoes and broccoli. Then had this beautiful quinoa dish for a late lunch. I proceeded to Shakeology for my snack, I was not going to have this for snack but it is the little taste of dessert that is allowed in these 21 days, so I am going for it! For dinner I had this satisfying oat bowl with berries and dairy free yogurt. (Pictures below)

The point of phase one is to gently eliminate animal products and ease into plant based life. Not forever, just to teach you that there are other ways to get our protein and still feel full and satisfied. This was not that difficult for me as I already eat plant based 90 percent of the time.

I do practice Intermittent Fasting and this did not change that at all. I started my eating window at 11 and ended at 7. It was really no problem. The biggest struggle for me was the coffee I usually drink all day long was OUT and the granola I snack on through the day was gone as well. Other than that I did feel full all day.

Things that helped today, reading a good book, staying busy and telling myself that this is ONLY 21 days! After 21 days you can have whatever you want, although I know that I will not want as much junk after this easy elimination plan.

If you are looking to start living more of a plant based life I highly recommend this program as it is totally laid out for you. The recipes are amazing and their are TONS to choose from. Fill this form out if you want to join in on this journey with YOURS truly! Until then,

Cheers to one day down and twenty to go!



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