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Day 10 Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Day 10/21

Today was rough. I am half way done but I am struggling today still. I am getting sick and it is taking a toll. I am not hungry at all but I need to eat as I feel super weak. I did NOT want to eat anything on the plan. I just wanted to eat my kids macaroni and cheese. That was the fancy dinner I made them because of my feeling sick. I have a sore throat and a "fluffy" nose as my kids call it (stuffy). I am laying in the hallway on a pillow as they are taking baths because that is how crappy I am feeling. THANK GOODNESS Kevin got home early and I went straight to bed by 7 pm. I forced food in me. They say "feed a cold" right?

This is why having good on hand and prepared at all times is SO beneficial! It would have been easy to grab cereal or mac n cheese but I didn't. I grabbed my prepared foods and ate it in bed. I don't eat in bed on the normal at all but sickness made me do it.

I did go on a walk today and that was a struggle but the fresh air was necessary and so was this..take a listen, I was in tears. Meditation was this. Meal one was quinoa and chickpeas with avocado. Meal 2 was on the go I opted for vegan chocolate Shakeology with my Power Greens put right in it and frozen cherries blended. Snack was Chai seeds with raspberries and almond butter. Meal 3 was quinoa, chickpeas and broccoli with hummus and avocado. None of this was on the "meal list" from the booklet but I am learning what this cleanse requires and how to do it on my own in a bind. That is why I love this because it is an amazing way to LEARN the best way to eat for our organic bodies. Oh, and weight is 141 and holding.

Cheers to almost half way! Ready to get on bored yet? Fill this out!




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