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Day 11 Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Day 11

There was a time in my life that I was always quick to react. I always wanted to get my point across almost immediately when others would speak, especially when they would be speaking negative at me. I had a time in my life that when I would hear gossip about other people I would almost feel good about their issue because it made me feel good about my own insecurities. I lived with comparison and jealousy beyond measure. I thought money would buy happiness and I spent more than I made. I had no discipline in my life. I mean I could not even finish a book before buying another one that I thought would serve me better. See, it was all about serving ME and making MYSELF FEEL BETTER. I thought the latest and greatest fad would help me. I never would follow through and I always felt anxious and incomplete. You would never know it on the surface but beneath I was falling.

I was thinking yesterday how much eating effects us mentally and emotionally. How when we eat shitty we feel shitty and when we eat good we feel good. I say it all the time. Yesterday though, yesterday I really, truly believed it. The foods I have been consuming have been not only been making me feel physically better with getting rid of the bloat and any stomach issues I had, but the food has been making me feel SO AMAZING mentally, emotionally and just all around me, good. I see the POSITIVE more than I ever have before.

The world is how you view it. If you see bad and negative all the time the world is bad. BUT, if you see good and feel good and positive that is what the world is. What you put out you guys, what you put out in the universe WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU. You don't have to fight it or force it or beg for acceptance, it will just happen for you.

HOW? How in a world that can be so destructive sometimes, how are we suppose to see the good? It starts within. When you hear things about other's if it doesn't help lift them then just keep it to yourself. When you are being talked down to or made inferior STOP fighting back so hard and just say "Thank you for your thoughts, I will consider them." When you want to quit, don't. When you want to give into junk in your body think about the effects after, junk in your mind and soul. When you fall and you don't want to get up, do it anyway, you will only fail if you quit. When you hear gossip, shut it down immediately. Above all, just have FAITH. Yep, have faith that it all will work out in the end. I don't mean that it's all gonna be ok in the end. I mean have faith that YOU WILL BE OK in the END no matter how it turns out.

My advice today to you....

Read Hebrews 11. Live by faith.

Be slow to react, when you react you are giving away your power be sure to choose wisely.

Above all, if your four walls are happy then your life is going better than most, start with that.

Food was boring today. I am almost at the end of week 2. Eating the same thing daily is fine but by weeks end I am ready for a change. Weighed in at 142. WHAT THE HECK I gained a pound? I am not worried and I feel good. I know how this goes and the reason I am tracking this is so that YOU CAN SEE the ups and downs of this cycle are completely normal. Meal one was quinoa, beans and avocado with pepitas. Meal 2 was Shakeology blended with cherries and ice. Snack was cucumber and avocado soup from your booklet. Meal 4 was chai pudding with extras for a few more calories. I will be starting a new menu next week (my final week of the cleanse) and I can not wait! I have been eating the same thing daily and just switching weekly because it is easier and I don't think about food for anything but fuel.

Ready to hop on bored the clean eating wagon with me? Fill this out!




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