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Day 12 Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Day 12/21

This was tough. Pizza was ordered again, I left dinner up to the hubs. How would they ever survive without us women? Pizza and chips and beer, lol. I worked today and viewed the world of drinking half your body weight in ounces totally different. I have so many clients tell me they can't drink all of that water because they will be peeing all day at work. I basically tell them to suck it up and just do it. I know want to slap me because I had to PEE all day long and I was at school helping with the kids and there was no time for my weak bladder. TMI, I guess, but I want to say sorry to all of you guys for not realizing how tough it is to work 8 hour days and be keep your water intake in check. Not only the water intake but also the packing healthy food and snacks, it takes WORK!

I came home tired and hungry to a house filled with pizza aroma. It would have been SO easy, so so easy. The hubs even ordered a veggie kind. No harm done, one piece, right? WRONG!

I did not cave. Being tired makes you and I make poor decisions I went to the next best thing and made up a Shakeology shake blended with my Power Greens and frozen cherries. No, it really was not on the menu but I think it was better than caving to Pizza? I am half way there and I am not about to give up now.

That is where your success will lie. In your discipline each and every day. I am not going to harp on you again about discipline, all I am saying the more you stay that way the easier it will become. Not just in eating, in all areas of your life. But, don't look at the big picture, don't look so far ahead you become overwhelmed. Make one choice at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time. You will have days that are better and easier than other's and then you will have the day's that you are on top of the world. It all is serving a purpose in building and making you into the person that you are today. As long as you don't quit you will never fail.

Today, I will be prepping new food for next week but for now this was my kind of boring food day. Meal one chai seeds and berries. Meal two Microgreen Salad from your booklet with olive oil for dressing as I had no time to make dressing. Snack Shakeology blend with fruit and power greens (snack does not usually add fruit in your shakeology but I needed the calories once again today- listen to your body). Meal 3, chai seeds again! amped up with almond butter, frozen fruit and some mixed nuts...I miss my oatmeal!

If you have questions please ask. I am not going ALL directly from the book I am listening to my body and doing my best with what I have. That is all you need to do too...Oh, weight is STILL the same lol 141.

Cheers, Ad


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