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Day 16 Ultimate Reset

16/ 21 Ultimate Reset

Life changing people. If you want an easier way to learn about plant based eating this is absolutely what you need in your life. You and your body are totally worth every penny. I thought it was a lot of money too. I actually was not as fearful of the money part as I was the TWENTY ONE DAY commitment! It took me a few years and lots of praying to decide on this and I am SO HAPPY I DID IT! I am at day 16 of 21of this cleanse and I am down 9 pounds. Those 9 pounds I knew I hung on to because of weekend splurges. Honestly, I also needed to give up some of the night time granola snacking too. You know how you think you are just having a taste of this and a taste of that? Well guess what? Those "tastes" add up to loads of cals you did not even know you were consuming.

Plant based eating can seem super overwhelming, I know but eating "mostly" from the earth is what our bodies were intended for. You feed your body what it craves and it will reward you beyond measure. You know I am not going to preach, I am just telling you MOST of the time try this...have your dairy and your meats for special times a few days a week if you want- but JUST TRY THIS WAY of living for 21 days....give me 21 days and if your life is not changed you can send it all back. I just want everyone to feel as good as I do.

I know people don't realize what crappy food can do to your mental health. Not just physical but MENTAL health. It causes more issues then you even know. The preservatives the sodium the fake this and that, it messes with your insides on so many levels. It does not just cause high blood pressure , diabetes and over weight issues. Junk food causes emotional distraught as well. Think about a time in your life that you were eating poorly day in and day out. How were you feeling emotionally. Now, think about someone you know who eats healthy almost all of the time- how is there mentality? Try to find someone who is totally in tune with the needs of their body and feeds it with the up most respect and tell me that they are grumpy and sad and see the negative only? I am betting they are not. Listen, there are "skinny" people all over the place but that does not mean they are healthy. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH skinny, it has to do with HEALTH. Without your health you have NOTHING...do you understand that?

Are you tired all of the time? Do you see the glass half empty? Do you dread the days coming? Do you only live for the weekend?

Ok, do you move your body for exercise, get outdoors, feed your body what it needs, drink water?? TRUST ME....this all comes full circle with how you will continue to live your life. Do you want to live your life feeling blah or feeling excited for the day ahead of you?

Lets chat about your goals- click here now!

Ok, so I 'cheated" today. LOL it was not really a cheat- It was a Starbucks coffee and it was black. That is technically allowed on the cleanse it just says to limit it. I was running errands and I thought I deserved it. It did not do any harm, I do not feel bad about it! Meal one Shakeology blended with berries and greens (I know shakeology is usually a snack but I have been on the go a lot lately and it is the perfect meal sub when mixed with fruits and spinach). Meal 2 veggie soup from your booklet topped with avocado, pepitas and hummus. Meal 3 Chai seed pudding, almond butter, nuts and a small serving of oats for calories. I feel good- Dinner was quite high in calories but I knew I needed them.

Cheers to almost done!



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