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Day 3 Ultimate Reset

Day 3 Ultimate Reset

This day was a little tough because I did not start my eating window until 12:30, which was not by choice and was way too late! I was starving and I hate getting to that point. I was running errands while the babies were in school and I was not prepared with my food.

I see how this would be very difficult if you were working full time! However, NOT IMPOSSIBLE. You just need to be prepared as with any healthy way of eating. Being prepared will be your NUMBER ONE success tool in all of this.

I must say I am down 5 lbs now. 143 and holding. I am sure a lot of that was water weight but still feels SO good to be less bloated.

I rolled into today with a few helpers. One being I did end up adding some stevia to my water today and a lemon. I see that stevia is allowed so I just went for it. Peach caffeine free tea has been a life-savor! I tried to run today and felt very weak and sore. Workouts are NOT recommended on this cleanse, but me being me can NOT not workout, at least a little. I ended up walking and that honestly felt SO good. My meditation today was reading the devotional from HERE.

This slowing down thing, it is amazing. What I mean is, I am also on a social media detox and that has made my life very different. I am more present, I am more focused, I am more aware. Social media may not effect you the way it does me, for me it was my "job". I loved it and still do love talking health and getting health in your homes but I have come to realize I like to work with people more one on one and in the present. I like to be with you who need help, live, in person! I was a hairdresser for almost 20 years, of course I am better when I am physically with people. I miss those relationships that MEAN something, not just the ones that "like" my post. I mean they are great and I have met a lot of friendly faces on line but I miss those REAL friendships, when we see each other and talk for REAL! This social media detox has taught me that I was missing that, not by choice. I was out for 5 years. Out of the physical public world, being a stay at home mom and social media HELPED me a ton to stay connected. Now that I can be out in the universe again WITH people, I will. I would rather have less "friends" and more "friendships". If that makes sense.

On that note, I do miss a lot of my online clients and I do hope to reconnect with ya'll soon! I hope your able to follow me in here and ALWAYS reach out for any questions or if your feeling on the struggle bus with your goals!

Changing gears. I was super excited yesterday when a friend of mine from Madison sent me a photo of my column in HER magazine. She received it before me and I was thrilled to hear that she was loving it! You should check it out. It is so easy just click HERE and click on Get my Free subscription and you will get a monthly magazine FOR FREE! All about WOMEN! (picture below)

Meals were good today! Meal one I had the microgreen salad from page 95 of your booklet with the garlic dressing on page 109. That dressing was amazing! I also had celery and almond butter for a snack. Meal 2 was the Southwest Veggie Taco from page 104 which I am loving and eating daily! Then last but not lease, my very favorite Oatmeal and Berries for my last meal. I did not stop my eating window until 8pm though. I have to say it was tough eating that late.

Want to join me on this adventure? Fill this OUT~~

Cheers, Ad

*struggling to get yourself mentally in the game of health? Listen to this!

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