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Day 4 Ultimate Reset

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Ok, this day, wow. I was so busy today that I am not even sure how I made it through. I started a sub position at the schools and I am telling you, I am tired. Not only that, I was racing home to get the kids to run them to mom's to get to a dinner that was 30 minutes away by 5 pm. The whole time I am driving from here to there to everywhere I am thinking, WHY AM I RACING? What is the point of racing around in this life just to get from one place to another? I mean, what would happen if I am, dare I say it, LATE?

I am notorious for being on time or even early. I can NOT NOT NOT stand being late. I have a hard time when people are late for me as well. Yesterday got me thinking though, if we all just keep racing around in life, are we really enjoying it? Is this "cleanse" not all about slowing down? After all beating the bloat does have a lot to do with food but even so, it has just as much to do with the stress we hang on to. If we keep rolling like this we are going to be so stressed we even enjoy this ride one bit.

New adventures await. I did enjoy subbing yesterday and I have another gig today. However, last night, Kevin and I both decided only 2 days a week for this gal. I can not handle work anymore than that. I can not be present with my family and my kids if I am working all day only to get home to clean, cook, do laundry and homework and all of the other necessary tasks.

Although extra money is aways nice, money does not buy happiness and I can't take it with me in the end. My family is more important than any extra cash I may make working out of the home any more than a few days. This subbing job is more of a life lesson for me. I love kids and I want to teach health to them. Getting my foot in the door at the school's is the first step and next week I get to be in the boys classroom ALL DAY! I am so pumped! As for them, they are "Mom, you are going to be with us ALL day?"- unexcited it seems. Lol, "Yes, honey....ALL DAY LONG"! Luv it!

Food was not exciting and super on the go. Oh, and I have to say I weighed in at 145. WTF! So now I am up 2 lbs??? I am not discouraged, I know how this process goes. I am doing all the right things and that will reward me in the end. This is the point where my clients get so discouraged and discipline needs to set in. Not GIVING UP only to try the next best thing. They lose weight only to gain a little back. I always tell them this is NORMAL and as long as you stick with the plan you will succeed. The only way you will fail is if you quit!

Lentil salad for meal one. Meal two was not in the books. I was out for a Woman's event and they ordered AMAZING looking appetizers. I was proud I stuck with the plan by asking for a garden salad with vinegarette dressing. I stood firm in just telling the ladies I was on a cleanse and no judgment what so ever was felt, if anything they were all super supportive which was so....REFRESHING! Snack was for sure Shakeology. I am a fan of this because I was so on the go and it was a healthy choice that I did not have to think about. Dinner again, Oats and berries.

I am nervous about heading into the weekend in a few days!

No pictures of food today, but here is me on my first day of my new adventure!




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