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Day 5 Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Day 5

I am feeling bloated and not very regular (tmi) today. I am not worried though as, again, I know the process. However, for SO many of us we do not understand the process of detoxing our bodies.

The breakdown. Our bodies are used to not such great food. We feel bloated and puffy because we over indulged in the processed or the take out or the sugar and cakes, etc. We have been on overload with starchy carbs and pasta's and maybe even alcohol. In turn we feel yucky and decide we need a cleanse. We start the cleanse off feeling amazing and light within day! That is the water weight phase. Then we get to weeks end and our weight now starts to fluctuate, why?

We are getting used to a whole new way of eating. Our bodies are taking on a LOT more fiber and nutrients. It is not just going to flip a switch over night. These new "whole" foods are working. The dense nutrients in the food is scrubbing out or gut. It goes in and cleans out our cells so they start to function properly again. In order for it to work through the body you have to give it time to do its job while in there. You can't expect to load up on vegetables and beans and our bodies to just recognize it and process it through immediately. It has to take its course just like any "new" task we start in life.

If we keep living our life starting something new and then giving up in a few short days because it has not changed us in some miraculous way, we are going to be "QUITTERS" our whole life. That is why you must! YOU MUST TRUST the process. The high's and the low's. If this is something you want bad enough you have to just keep going and know you are on the right path to success. Starting and stopping the latest fad diet is not the answer.

Our foods are organically made and our body craves just the same. Real organic food from the earth. That is what it needs to survive at its highest potential. No, I am not talking food labeled "organic". I am talking organic FROM the earth, grown from dirt food. And that is EXACTLY what this Ultimate Reset teaches us. Please, before you give up think about the end goal, you are doing the right thing here, I promise!

Food today was very much the same as the week. I do so much better with NOT a lot of choices so I just stick with what I know I like and eat it all week. Meal one was at 12:00 as I do still practice Intermittent Fasting. I had the Salmon with the Lentil Lime salad from page 94 of your booklet. Meal two was 1/2 C Quinoa with some broccoli and 1/4 avocado and 1/4 c pepitas. My snack today was literally a life savor! Shakeology on my way to pick up the kids, the perfect go to snack when in a hurry. Meal 3 again Oats and Berries from page 111.

This picture below was what I had to watch my family eat while I was eating Oatmeal. Kevin brought dinner home tonight and this is what we got! I was very proud because it honestly didn't look good to me. I have to say I am 90 percent vegan already so this would not really appeal to me anyway but I really, really wanted my Friday night popcorn. Alas, I resisted!

If you need help starting this program or just sticking with it please fill this out!

Cheers, Ad

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