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Day 6 Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Day 6

This was not easy. Not at all. Last night I was so ready to give in. I mean, it is Saturday and I am craving popcorn. I was kind of disappointed a lot of the day. I do not know why but I have always made weekends so "food" related. I have always based a lot of my weekend joy on the food we eat.

Why is food such a big deal sometimes? Why is it the center of our lives in America? Weddings, funerals, parties, pot lucks, holidays, all food based. Food is used as such a comfort in this country I can see why we have such an epidemic of obesity. 34 % of adults and 15- 20 % of children are obese in the United States. Do you know the obesity rate in China is at 5 %? Did you know that, according to Wordatlas.com, in America nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the U.S. will deal with health and emotional effects of obesity every single day? The average adult is 26 pounds heavier now than in the 1950's. WHY?

I do not know all of the answers and I am not going to bore you with my sob story of emotional eating. I will say this though. It is EASY. It is so easy to give in to your children who want the chips and cookies after school. Some even think we are showing love to them by letting them eat whatever they want whenever they want it. It is easy to keep children quiet by turning on a tv or an ipad. It is easier than having to fight with kids to eat vegetables and make them play outside. I know first hand. I was raised half of the time by my grandmother. She was old and tired. She loved me more than anything but she just could not play with me constantly and deal with my tantrums all the time. She gave into the cheetoh's and the little debbie's while watching tv when I would get home from school. That is not to say she did not teach me how to play a bad game of Euchre though :). She never was able to get outside with me. Not go on walks. Not exercise. Not show me the benefits of healthy eating. She was done raising kids and she just did what she thought was love, never saying no.

Someone said to me the other day, not kindly, that I have become obsessed with my kids eating habits. If I listened to every person who has criticized how I have been living my life the past few years I would not be where I am today. To some it may look like obsession because they don't know any different. It is hard for them to see outside the boxes that they were raised in. I am stepping out of the norm and doing my VERY best to NOT let my children lean on food for emotional support like I did when I was little. The effects of food comforting me have tormented me all the way into my adult years and I will not let that happen to my kids. My kids will always have a voice. I will always listen to their need. I will always limit their sugar and processed foods. I will always limit their screen time. I will always stand firm in what I think is best for my kids and our life. No one is going to tear me down with some unkind words like, "You know, they say your crazy?"

**Side note: IF what you are going to speak to someone is not going to raise them up then why speak it at all? Sometimes the people in your life who you think will support you the most become your biggest critic. It is OK to walk away, be silent and stand firm in who you are.**

I made it through Saturday without giving in or going off track. I had such a good day with shopping and crafts with the kids. Mowing and taking the longest bath ever. I realized yesterday that my weekends do not have to be based around food. Although, I love and think it is such a great way to connect at the family dinner table, I don't think that has to be the only way to bring joy to my family. Food has no power over me anymore and that is something not even an unkind spoken person can take away from me.

Meal one was Quinoa with rice and beans and some avocado. Meal two was the southwest taco from page 104 of your booklet. I just ate it in a bowl and used 4 chips as my corn tortilla. Snack was these Shakeology balls in picture below. I used one packet of Shakeology and added 1 tsp of coconut oil and just a teeny bit of water to make a batter. Rolled in to balls and set in the freezer a few minutes. I just needed something "snacky" and this was just the ticket. Dinner was oats and berries again which I am GOING TO MISS next week!

Weight was 143. I taught dance yesterday and felt kind of weak but that is to be expected as you are not really suppose to workout too much on this cleanse. I made it through fine but for sure was tired! I have to say I did drink black coffee yesterday. I am not going to beat myself up. I am doing great in all other areas so I am going to let this slide.

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