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Desperately Seeking....FRIENDS?👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

I have stated before that I don’t have a lot time for friends. Not right now in my life anyway. Becoming a stay at home momma 6 years ago kind of put me in isolation to the outside world. Friends I was at one time able to see whenever I wanted, had now kind of disappeared. Not intentionally. We just took different paths. We didn’t have time for those weekend getaways or happy hours anymore. Or, at least, I didn’t.

I am such a people person that the isolation was tough. Talking to toddlers all day long was not exactly that full-filling on an adult level, anyway. Sometimes you just need a friend to listen to you. Yes, the husband was always there for me, but sometimes you need a girlfriend.

I kind of made myself believe for several years that I didn’t need friends. I was happy with the kids and Kevin. Moving back to this area after 17 years away didn’t exactly help either. I felt like I knew NO ONE around here anymore. I didn’t really keep in touch with my classmates. It was clear that I would not ever feel true friendship again. I was still able to stay in touch with friends from the past but maybe an email or a text here and there. Not someone that I could vent to when needed, talk about the kids with, talk about anything with for that matter.

This past year I have start to have a little extra free time with the kids being in school part time. Praying I would find some real, good friends that shared my interests.  Seeking friends as an almost 40-year-old SAHM seems a little desperate, right? But, when you have been out of the social loop for so many years, that is kind of where you stand.

I decided to put “myself out there.”  Started to find things that I liked to do when I did have some weekday free time. I started to teach class again. I stepped foot back into the gym and realized that I was finding a lot of women that hold the same interests as me. Have the same priorities as I.  The same schedule to be able to do things together.

We may not get rowdy at the bar on a Saturday night. However, if you ever saw us in one of our fitness classes you would not notice the difference in our faces between a weekend night out or a Tuesday morning dance class. You would see us having the BEST time. Being free to be ourselves. Leaning on one another when trouble may arise. Pushing each other to do our best. Growing together with grace and ease knowing that we are all just here to have fun, get our health on, and maybe vent a little too.

Making new friends later in life can be intimidating. When you find those friends that just want to see you happy and healthy than you know that they are solid. That friendship will last a lifetime.

Be Well,


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