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Are you too busy ?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I felt her energy. I see in her eyes that she is holding her very busy life all together by possibly, one short thread. I listen to all of her obligations in life and become tired for her. I say to her "You should join a class with me." She says, "Yeah, with all of the free time I have!" I looked at her in the eyes and said "If you don't take care of YOU then none of your 'too busy' life will even matter."

It is a tough position to be in, telling people that if they are not well then none of their extra busy, important matters will be extra busy and important anymore. Your family, job, house, friendships, any and all commitments that you have made - they would be nothing without YOU.

So, then I ask you, Why is it so hard to take care of you?

There will never be a the "perfect time". Right now life may seem uncertain and overwhelming for a lot of us. We are all adjusting to this new "normal" for the time being. Let us shed a little light on each other and lift one another's spirits together.

"Shine like the whole universe is yours" -RUMI

***While we are out of the classroom physically we can still meet daily and see each other!

It is EASIEST to just use the link for the workouts...download zoom first. It is simple and free. Then decide what days you want to join and hit the link at the scheduled meeting time.

Click on the days you want to join below...

Monday- Energy Flow 6-6:30am

Tuesday - WERQ n YOGA (Dancing Yoga) 8:30-9am

Wednesday- PIYO 8:30-9am

Thursday- Yoga 7:30-8am

Friday- Combo Flow 6-6:30am

Saturday - not set but thinking TURBOKICK if I get enough feedback that you want something that day!

(could be a game time decision-lol)


Be Well,



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