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Does it rain FOREVER?

My son, Keith, brought home an award yesterday. He could not get into the house fast enough to show me. He was covered in excitement. He pulled that award out of his backpack and handed it to me with pure joy in his eyes.

This award belongs to Keith for being "OPTIMISTIC".

Yep, my son won the optimistic award and I could not be more proud. It didn't say he was the smartest, not the best athlete, not the most likely to succeed, (ok, they are 5-lol) but still....It did not say any of those things. Instead, the most optimistic. Now that is one award that I would hope to win over any other.

Being smart is wonderful. Being fast is great. Success is something we all certainly strive for. Optimistic though? Does anyone have life goals of just being optimistic? Where is that going to take you?

One day, my sweet child, one day it will rain. It will rain so hard on you that you will not know if it will ever end. You will feel as though you are failing, losing, falling. You will feel that your life is never going to turn around. You will have hard upon hard upon hards happen to you. You will not see the light. You will have days of feeling sadness or loneliness. You will have days when nothing will seem to be right. It will feel like you may be on your last thread, hanging on with almost nothing left. Your smarts, your fastness, your success will not even be able to turn you around.But, do you know what will? BEING OPTIMISTIC. Changing your way of thinking! Looking at the good in any situation.

You will remember that it doesn't rain forever. The storm will blow through and the sun will shine again. You will see the light in the dark, when you become optimistic.

*** I can tell you this from experience. Those storms, the one's that seem to never end. Those are the moments in your life that you are being made. The times when you have nothing left to give, you are on your knees pleading, ready to give up. That is the moment when your abundant blessings are about to come to life. You will see that those storms have and will make you who you are today. They are giving your spirit life and meaning. There is always purpose to the pain. You will come out on the other side. The sun will shine once again. You will one day be thankful for those storms that gave you the strength that no one, no thing will ever be able to take away from you.***

Just look up.

Be Well,



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