• HealthyHairdresserAddie

Does Social Media cause Anxiety?


It can.

Now, let me make this clear. I realize that social media is a great tool. But, it is only a great tool when it brightens your day. If you are scrolling and comparing then this is not a good tool for you to utilize at all. You might not even know the effects this is having on you. You might not think that your anxious thoughts have anything to do with the mindless scrolling. It just might be harming you with out you even having knowledge to it.

Some harmful side effects of social media, according to Forbes magazine include...

1. It is addictive

2. It can trigger more sadness and less well being

3. Comparing our lives with other's is mentally unhealthy

4. It can lead to jealousy, a viscous cycle

5. We get caught in the delusion of thinking it is helpful

6. Having more friends on social media does not mean your more social

With those feelings comes this fear. In the fear causes worry. In the worry comes unsettled feelings and in that comes.....anxious thoughts.

This energy does not even need to exist. We are the one's who makes up the stories that we tell ourselves and believe. This has nothing to do with anyone but ourselves. We create these "stories" in our heads, we start to believe them. We tell ourselves they must be true and our brain starts to think it is all really happening. We then live our lives in this state of draining energy and our light starts to dim. We get stuck here. We get stuck in the state of believing that everyone is doing it better and we are failing.

We need to start to be so much more conscious as to what we are letting in our hearts and minds. Stop making up stories and stop following the feed that helps you creates these unsettled thoughts.

You are not weak. You are not alone.

Take a break. Re evaluate. Find yourself find your TRUTH. Live by that and then slowly and intentionally let others in.