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DON’T let the WEEKEND be your WEAK END

Updated: May 16, 2020

Oh the weekends….. I love it. I love the weekends. I mean, who doesn’t? Unlike Monday through Friday the weekends Kevin, I and the kids all get to sit down together as a family for dinner. It is something that we just don’t get to do during the week. Kevin’s job requires long days and late nights. I couldn’t possibly make the kids wait until 8:00 pm every night or later to eat dinner. So , the weekends we cherish. See, I work hard all week on health and fitness and I do truly love being healthy but I also want to enjoy and splurge once in awhile with my family. I want to have weekend meals that are good old comfort food and not feel guilty about it. I want to not think about anything at that kitchen table except for the precious company that sits at it with me. I don’t want to count the calories or measure the food or not eat the bread or not have the dessert. I want to eat, enjoy, talk , laugh and just love. 

I used to like BINGE eat on the weekends– like eat SO much that I was sick sometimes– literally…or maybe even drink too much alcohol and be hungover in my bed ALL day the next day sleeping and eating crappy food. I would sulk and eat and eat and sulk. I did so good ALL week long and then by Friday I totally was ready to SPLURGE!!! I mean – deep fried everything with a side of cakes and cookies and whatever you can think of! A few rum and cokes and life was good!……more than a few– THEN IT CAME….MONDAY — the weight was up — I lost 2 lbs this past week and now Monday I am up 5 or even more sometimes! Now, i know that it was mainly water weight. I know this but when you lose 2 pounds a week then gain 5 by Monday you likely are eventually just gaining – slowly- but still gaining. Weekends for me were a release of the stress I was feeling all week long and I thought that eating and drinking like crap was the way to heal myself. When really, this was not healing at ALL. Monday’s alone were horrible then by Wednesday I was feeling ok again- then here we go again-its Friday. What a vicious cycle if you think about it.

Do you ever do this? Totally sabotage your hard working “diet” all week on the weekends?? Well, what if you didn't? What if the weekend came and yes you cheated a little bit but NOT the ENTIRE weekend and every single meal? What if that two pound weight loss this week was still 2 down on Monday morning and not 5 up? I will tell you what– you would wake up MONDAY feeling GREAT and ready for the week! And that 2 pounds now will turn into 4 and the next week will be 6 and then before you know it BOOM you are at 10 lbs down– all just for making one small tweak in your “diet”.  I have figured it out- I have figured out how to do just that — ENJOY the weekends and all the pleasures that come with it and not feel one bit guilty. Here are the tips I use to survive the weekends and not wake up Monday with a food hangover and an extra 5 pounds….serious, how does one gain five pounds in two days ??? 

1.) I use intermittent fasting (eating window is 12:00- 8:00) **more on this here

2.) I still drink my hot lemon water three times a day and ACV three times a day.

3.) I for sure get my water in.(half my body weight)

4.) Get my workout in FIRST thing in the morning!- then its done and nothing comes up that makes me skip it

5.) I drink two Shakeology shakes on the weekends for TWO meal replacements and save my calories for my splurge meal with the fam. I don’t feel starving or famished one bit because I do add fruit and spinach to these.

6.) I use my extra time on weekends to research healthy food options for the week and meal prep on Sunday for the whole week!

7.) I NEVER beat myself for weekend cheat meals — I know this is real life and i want to live it to the fullest – but I also know that moderation is KEY to success!

With these tips you can still enjoy your main meal/cookout/deserts with your loved ones without feeling any guilt because you were prepared and ready for it and you can literally enjoy every minute of it!


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