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Eat the Earth Days 1-3

Day 1-3 the Cleanse Packet tells you exactly WHAT TO EAT....

Have not ordered it yet?? click here and get GOING! lol

These are my ideas and I am VERY basic when cleansing. I eat the same thing every single day.

I will do :

Shakeo and Blueberries

Fiber Sweep

Vanilla Fresh with Pear and sliced peppers with hummus

Carrots and Mashed avocado

Vanilla Fresh and Coconut Steamed Veggies (recipe in packet)

I will do tea and hot lemon water through the day as well and likely black coffee.

The workouts should be kept minimal these few days you can do some yoga or ab work I have some ideas here. https://www.healthyhairdresseraddie.com/post/5-minute-workouts-for-each-muscle-arms-booty-belly-stretch or the graphic below



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