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For the kids...

When we make them the reason and not the excuse it really puts everything in to perspective.

It is about being healthy- being alive- being a role model to children. Not just my kids, all kids. I don’t ever want my kids or any kids for that matter to have to deal with weight issues or eating issues or struggle with food. . I want to teach them to have a healthy relationship with themselves and with the food they eat. I wish for them to grow up knowing that food is for fuel and that moving your body is what makes us healthy inside and out! . That is what it is all about folks… BEING healthy FEELING healthy ENJOYING this life to the fullest. . We had a fun time at Keith and Duke's school last week! We danced, we stretched and we learned about what is good for us to keep us healthy and strong.

If you are interested in me coming to your school for some dancing and learning about things that are good for you message me today Healthyhairdresseraddie@gmail.com !

Your friend in health, Addie


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