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Friday Finds!! ALL DA BEST

This is the BEST OF Friday finds! You will soon see I am taking a bit of a hiatus from social media and also a little break from some of my creative writing to focus on my book coming out SOON!

Click here to see all of these FRIDAY FINDS AND MORE!

I need all my focus not only on "Momming IT" in real life but also "Momming IT" the book! I am determined to reach the hearts of all of those momma's out there who are feeling a bit alone, or maybe feeling not enough, maybe overwhelmed or just plain scared and nervous about what the future holds! We will surely unite in this book my friends. And can I be completely honest, if you feel like you have a "mom fail" on the daily this book will make you feel SO MUCH BETTER about your "Momming IT"!

So, my faithfull followers, I will indefinitely be posting in here daily. But this will be my journey to publishing my book all while on a 21 day detox cleanse. I needed to reset ya'll. I needed to take a step back and evaluate what and who was important and what and who was not. I need to get my gut in to check as well. The summer treats needed to come to an end and the reality of it is that all that eating out and cocktails has me feeling "fluffier" then usual.

I am excited, nervous and scared all at once. Won't you join? Or just support? Things like "you can do this" and "it is only 21 days" will help me a ton in the midst of the hard days coming with NO CAFFEINE and NO SNACKING, not even on the weekends ! WHAT? It is true.

Enjoy these Friday finds and all of the other one's right here for the next few weeks! I will be back and badder than ever ya'll!

Cheers, Ad



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