• HealthyHairdresserAddie

Friday Finds and it's RISKAAAAY AF!

Lol right now for days, but it is so true. This outfit is the most comfy thing you will ever put on your sexy BOD but let me tell you its riskaee as he@!

The looks, the MC HAMMER comments, you know I am on point most of the time with my fashion and I really don't think this is any less than what one would expect of me. I am a risk taker in life and in fashion and this look surely states that. It is all sun dress looking at the top and then ....wait for it.....the balloon pants at the bottom, WHA WHA? Yes, it is true, MC and all da 90's fashion that we know and love is coming back whether you like it or not!

So, I ask you, why not be comfy and look ahead of the game? Will you be a fashion risk taker with me??

I literally bought all the colors and I don't feel bad. When I am bloated (we all have been there ladies, PMS or too many weekend cocktails, this outfit STILL looks "hot damn" even then! You can pull it off on those days you just want to wear your jammies all day long, why no? IT FEELS LIKE JAMMIES and I am sorry but I STILL LOOK PUT TOGETHER AS all ya'll ! So can you!


Happy Shopping my Friday Fashionista's,