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Friday FINDS! Better Baking

Ok, so you will notice a lot of my recipes call for Carbquik. This is a great sub for your Bisquik or flour. The carb and sugar content are lower in return makes the glycemic index lower.

I am not saying it is the healthiest as it does contain a LOT of ingredients. HOWEVER, it is a much healthier option and does still make things tasty and fluffy. With only 3 net carbs per serving you really can not go wrong with this in your favorite carb comforting treats like this one here...my Cashew Butterballs!

I do like Almond flour for a substitution sometimes with an even lower carb content for the most part but you have to remember the FAT and THE CALORIES are VERY high in Almond flour. I am not a big fat or cal counter but if you are then I would for sure try the Carbquik instead. I NEVER EVER use WHITE flour in any recipes of mine. It is pointless and has no value what so ever to my nutrient needs. It is high in unnecessary sugars and for this reason it is usually just stored in my body and will eventually just turn to fat if not needed to burn for energy.

This is a must try for those watching those sugars and carbs!


Happy Shopping,


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