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Ok, ok I know you are thinking, "Addie, I can NOT pull off those feathers!". My dear sweet friend YOU CAN! No one is going to tell you what you can and can't wear or who you can and can't be. Express yourself HOWEVER IT FEELS GOOD sweet sister. You can change yourself or your style or even WHO YOU ARE at any given moment if you want. YOU CAN! As you might have seen in my post yesterday YOU have the chance to RE INVENT yourself every time you see that sun rise again (READ HERE FOR MORE ON ReINVENTING YO BAD SELF).

But, for now my Friday loving Fashionista THESE FEATHERS are a necessity in your accessory life. THEY JUST ARE! You clip them in right before you head out the door and you are making a fashion statement in like 10 seconds! Add the HEADBAND for even more of a trend setting side. BE different and stand out! THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. How boring to be the same and stay the same. You could literally wear cut off shorts and a t-shirt but look completely adorbs by adding this little spice to your "do". So, what do ya say? You gonna try These Feathers out? 9 bucks for THREE you cant go wrong! Maybe with the Jumpsuit from last week?? YOU ARE KILLIN IT GIRFRAND!!

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