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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Ok, ok I know I look kind of like a dope in these humungo's! But, here is the deal they sound amazing and they NEVER FALL OUT! I must have a weird ear shape because NONE of those little bitty earbuds EVER stay in my ear! Am I alone here or does this happen to you?

I found these suckers like 2 years ago and I am still LOVING THEM ! I even tried the new bluetooth buds with my apple phone and they are just not as good as these mega headphones! The sound quality is off the chiz-ane! Dying that i just said that..literally dying laughing at myself..how did Chiz-ane even come to my head right now, I am almost 40 years old!

lol for days!

Ok, these are a must and super amazing deal at 30 bucks and they come in all different colors!

Love em!

Click here and get yours NOW !

Happy Shopping my friends,



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