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Friday FINDS--MACRAME LAMP and some nostalgia

When you come into my home I want it to feel like you are stepping right back into the good ole days. What are the good ole days? Well, they are probably different for all of us.

For me though, it was the days that I lived with my grandparents. My very best memories of childhood were created right in that 70's decorated, green and red shag carpet, macrame covered home on West Lane. I guess you could view being raised in a split home as a negative, but me, I was BLESSED. I was blessed because I was able to spend most, no not most, almost ALL of my childhood with my grandma and grandpa Droessler. They were the best and it was the greatest.

I find myself feeling so nostalgic on the daily and almost physically feel an ache in my heart for them and those good ole days. That is why when you visit me you may find that my decor is not necessarily with the "times". I am an old soul and owe that to my grandparents. My love for the small things, my love for people and for animals, my love for hanging lamps and kingfire coffee mugs all come from my younger years. My love for music and dancing, my grandpa. My love for eating Hershey's in bed, grandma. Their house was always SO warm and full of people, coffee and let's not forget Old Milwaukee. I kid you not I sometimes put ICYHOT on because it is the smell of my grandfather. I LOVED THE GOOD OLE DAYS.

I am not encouraging you to live in your past. I do encourage you to surround yourself with an environment that makes you feel happy. People that make you feel loved. And not to forget that soon, one day, the RIGHT NOW will be the GOOD OLD DAYS.

What makes you nostalgic? I feel those good ole days every day in my entire house. It makes me think of easier times as a child and smile. I know that I am not contemporary and totally with it but I am happy and content with the peace in these four walls and that is all that matters.

So, for my Friday Finds this week, by popular votes from ya'll, I am sharing this beautiful, affordable macrame hanging lamp. I absolutely love the warmth that this light brings to my home.

Click here for the lamp

Click here for the chord which is sold separate

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