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Friday Finds!! Yoga Pants again- but insane worth it!

First off, I must say this, I was not going to share this find as it was not made in America and I am a firm believer in shopping American brands when possible, but these just had to be known about! Secondly, I am also a firm believer in buying local and small, however, for me it is this way. It might not be my own studio or clothing line, but I am affiliated with Amazon, which sort of makes it my own little piece of the biz. I also have done some research and Amazon actually does help small business's tremendously that would otherwise never have a place on the map. As a small business owner you may want to consider adding your brand to their site for hit's from all over the nation! Third, I would absolutely love to collaborate with any small business that would like to be featured on Friday finds. That Jumpsuit a few weeks ago had like 160 hits on on the day I posted! So, it could be helpful for you as a small business too! If you want to connect FILL THIS OUT!

On with the pants. I absolutely had to share these you guys! You know I am a 90 degree girl all the way BUT THESE FEEL LIKE butter AND, get this, they hold you in like a comfortable girdle, ok lets say, like spanx! They do, they really do. They are the softest leggings I have ever owned! I have owned a soft legging before but the problem was they never held it in, ya know what I mean right? Us momma's, we need some tummy control and if there was ever a tummy that was controlled with a legging it is this! BOOM! Click here to order now! Loads of colors to choose from!

Don't be deceived upon arrival, I ordered a small and when I received them, they literally looked like they would fit my baby girl! The give was incredible and they fit like a glove! Happy Shopping My Friday Find Fashionista's,



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