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🤱From Stay at Home MOMMA to THIS?🤷‍♀️

✨At one time a busy salon owner. To quitting my entire career to become a stay at home momma. The past 6 years have been truly rewarding. However, to say that my life is a whirlwind of change right now is an understatement!

✨The first week of school was exciting for all of us! I must say, with ALL OF MY FOUR LITTLES gone FOUR FULL days a week, this past week was kind of, well, quiet.

✨I have literally been waiting in anticipation for this year to start. I was feeling just pure bliss in the thoughts of getting some time to myself. NOW though? Well, now I have ALL OF THE TIME IN THE WORLD and I guess I am feeling a little unsure about it.

✨But, with that uneasiness in this new chapter of my life comes a lot of hope and a lot of excitement in what this journey will bring me!

✨I am thrilled to share with you this amazing opportunity to work together no matter where you are!

✨I will be now offering you classes via ZOOM through the University of Wisconsin!

✨We will be working on a variety of subjects to help you on your wellness journey. From cooking simple, healthy foods that you and the family will love to Yoga and Pilates practices for tightening up that midsection and help relieve your back of any pain or discomfort.

*Yoga for Back and Core click here

*Beginner Pilates click here

*Better Food, Better mood the CLASS click here

✨One of my favorite courses I have been working on for quite some time and has helped me tremendously is my Meditation class. Our daily positive affirmations to help with weight loss and wellness. And simply learning to think better thoughts in your daily life will lead to a much more peaceful way of living. You will start to find the good in almost all situations.

*Weight loss Meditations and Yoga click here

*Meditations and Affirmations to help relieve stress and anxiety while building confidence click here

✨AND....Since it was such a hit last semester and we had to end our session early due to COVID.. WE ARE BRINGING back STEP out! Dance and Stretching while building confidence and trying new things with like minded people!

*Click here to sign up for STEP OUT

Please, if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to email me at HealthyHairdresserAddie@gmail.com

✨ALSO: Don't forget my LIVE and IN PERSON classes at POM, Platteville.

PIYO (Yoga and Pilates)




and more!

✨That hot flow feels DELICIOUS this time of year. What I have been digging is our infrared sauna (make your appointment today!) Shred cals while relaxing? UM...HECK YES!

✨As the days get shorter and a bit more brisk, no need to feel down. I have even more exciting events up my sleeve that will make your fall and winter months MORE FUN than your SUMMER...is that even possible?...YUP!

"I am unfolding in fulfilling ways. Only good can come to me. I now express health, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind." -Louise Hay

In Spirit,



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