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Fruit Roll up- 1 ingredient

This is SO VERY easy but it is time consuming!

I have to say though, my kids at the entire batch in one sitting and I felt GOOD about it!

Much better than giving them fruit rollups. Even if they are organic roll ups, which I do buy, they are still processed and have added, unnecessary sugars. Right? If you have a day at home you should totally try this. I was inspired from Pintrest on this recipe, I did not make this all up on my own :)

Either way they are amazing and I love em too!

Lay out parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Pour applesauce (unsweetened, organic). I used about half the container of the large one from Aldi.

Spread it out even. I even kind of hit the pan gently on the counter a bit to get it all even.

Now on your ovens LOWEST SETTING - mine was 170 you will bake these for about 8 hours. It is drying them out.

If you need to leave the house just turn it off and leave it in the oven until you get back.

After set take out and let cool. I then cut into strips and rolled them up and tied with twine.

Cute and delicious on the go snack!


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