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We all Start SOMEWHERE

I remember holding my very first plank after giving birth to the boys (first set of twins.) I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the group fitness industry for almost 5 years at this point and I could NOT hold a plank -COULD not. It took everything in me to attend a class at the gym where I used to teach these ladies around me. Now, here I was on the other side struggling and embarrassed of how weak I was and how much I had gained.

Do you know what an awful feeling this was for me? A year prior I was teaching people how to hold planks and telling them “you can do anything for a minute” and now here I was. I could not hold a plank from my knees much less my toes.

Weighing in at over 235 pounds I was struggling. STRUGGLING BAD!! I was so pissed off at myself for letting it get this out of control during that first pregnancy. I mean, I gained 100 pounds!

Many reasons surround that weight gain. Most of them being me stopping my life completely for 9 months because I was SO afraid of ANYTHING happening to these babies. It took SO many years to get pregnant and I just did not want to do anything to harm them.

In reality I DID everything to harm them by sitting on my butt for 9 months an eating like s*it. I did too. I ate everything I wanted. Everything in sight. I gave up working out (which I LOVE and makes me who I am) but I gave it up. I gave up coffee. I gave up people. I gave up being around people. I was so uncomfortable with myself that I just didn’t even want to be around them. (NOTE: I was extremely happy to be pregnant just walking on eggshells afraid of anything going wrong for 9 months was incredibly isolating and depressing.)

I am telling you this because I TOO WAS there. I saw a mountain and had NO CLUE how to climb it. You know how I got to the top? I focused ONLY ON THE STEP AHEAD OF ME.

Each day you will get stronger. Each choice will get easier. I had MANY MANY "I give up" days. Many crying on the bed thinking...."WHAT IS THE POINT!!" I had days where I felt like it was not working. But, I NEVER EVER GAVE UP....... I pressed on and so can you.

" You will never fail unless you quit!" It does not matter how long it takes my friend as long as you get up each day and do your best.

In Spirit,



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