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Guilt Free Mashed Potatoes

Listen, I know that TURKEY day would not be Thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes! I love em- you love em- we all love those buttery, creamy, garlicy mashed potatoes that we carefully place next to our stuffing and then drizzle gravy on top of both. SO FREAKIN good I can taste them right now- I CANT WAIT UNTIL THANKSGIVING!! FAVORITE holiday for sure…….these babies are delicious but with half the guilt, no wait- like ¼ of the guilt that the others would have. Best part NO ONE WILL KNOW there is only half the carb overload in there that we all get on the famous – never ending buffet holiday.

In large pot of pointing water place 4 large baking potatoes peeled and halved and halved again–one head of Cauliflower cleaned and cut up but not chopped and one bushel of radishes cleaned and sliced in half. Boil those until tender then place in a strainer and let set being sure to get all of the water out–I usually let this set in strainer for 5 minutes or so. Place back in the pot that is now cleaned and dried out- and add ¼ C of milk/almond milk 2 tbs of butter ½ C of plain greek yogurt and sprinkle some salt and pepper- garlic POWDER and chives and mix well with a mixer (don’t over mix).

Place in nice serving dish and top with another tbs of butter and more chives- and there ya go!!

Count on this is tricky but I am just going to go with one CUP for a ½ Yellow and ½ Green


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