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Healthier Cocktail Ideas


Just some easy fun ideas to keep you hydrated and not going overboard but to make you feel I like you are drinking with the others for social events:

Basically when having cocktails I ALWAYS will drink water in between and I will always add water or something to my wine- or beverage of choice. Sounds boring but I still have fun while feeling good the next day!

Red wine spritzer

I used a sweet red wine and mixed a half a glass of this with

A dash of blueberry POM juice and La Croix cranberry sparkling water- this was delicious!

White wine spritzer

Half a glass of white wine of choice I added a dash of coconut water- coconut BAI tea – mixed in some POM juice ( this juice is very dense so a little bit goes a long way) and lastly added the cranberry La Croix water. – you could for sure just do the white wine and coconut water- I think that would be good toO!

Virgin Drink

For just non drinkers all around or a prego friend: Perrie Lime mineral water mixed with a shot of the POM juice added LaCroix cranberry water to this and some pure coconut water–mixed and squeezed juice of a lime on top–feels very fancy and not a bit of alcohol!

Measurements are really just too your liking on how strong you want the tastes–these are just some good ideas to have on hand for guests coming over or if you are going to a lot of holiday parties and want to keep the cals low and the alcohol levels even lower!

Great mixing components are low sugar and NO SODA!! I personally LOVE the Pierre Mineral water lime flavor…coconut water and the La Croix water for mixing! I would chill all of these before hand so you don’t have to add too much if any ice to these drinks.


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