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#familyfridayGOOD MORNING!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! So, this week I am making a meal for a family member who needed some “comfort food.” Now, I don’t usually make this kind of stuff for the family here unless special occasion, but since I was cooking it already I thought I would just double it up for my family too. Chicken and stuffing and cheesy potatoes! Yum- I don’t know about you but STUFFING is my favorite food ever!! I mean – I could devour the entire pan—so I am thinking “How can I make a healthy version of this?”

CAULIFLOWER—it is literally the answer to all of my healthy recipes these days!! SO instead of using all of the bread in the recipe for your homeade stuffing you will just do this…

Microwave or boil a head of cauliflower until tender—lay out on towel and let dry well……chop up good but not riced and mix a little butter with lay it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and top with some salt pepper and other seasonings you like—bake at 425 until golden…..meanwhile in sauce pan sauté celery, onion garlic and whatever else you like with your stuffing in chicken broth….i added a couple cubes of the condensed broth as well….toast about 4 pieces of bread butter them and chop up—combine bread and roasted cauliflower in the saucepan and mix well….then spread all of this out in baking dish and bake again at 425 for about ½ hour….SO good—you will want to add your own seasonings as well. Listen, Thanksgiving is JUST AROUND the corner this is a GREAT option for an extra side dish or replacement of the stuffing! YUM!!!!!



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