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How to get your MOJO back!!

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

OK, here is the deal—I am NOT ALWAYS motivated. I don’t wake up everyday thinking—“I cant wait for life!” Yes, I am in a good mood a lot but some days, somedays I just need a PUSH!! Here are some ways to help you get motivated with- your job, working out eating healthier or really anything that is important to you.

1.) Set your goal? What is it you are trying to accomplish?? Running 3 miles? Eating healthier? Losing weight? Getting a promotion? Set your goal and write it down!!

2.) STOP SELF DOUBTING!! Start using positive affirmations daily—I can do this, I will do this, I will put my 100 percent effort into this!

3.) Envision how GOOD it will feel to accomplish this goal—think about it ALL THE TIME!! Envision yourself looking and feeling amazing in your fall wardrobe….Envision your boss saying you– YOU GOT THE PROMOTION, Envision doing 20 push-ups from your toes with no stopping…Envision completing  a 3 mile run !! Envision how amazing this will be!!

4.) MAKE A PLAYLIST!! Of the music that moves you—motivates you and speaks to you!! Listen to this daily—to get you pumped up and ready to ROCK IT!!

5.) QUIT BITCHING about what could go wrong, or how it could fail or that you are tired or that your kids wont leave you alone or the house or the this or the that— quit bitching and just DO IT!!!!!

6.) And last—find like minded people that will push you and motivate you to accomplish this goal!! Find your tribe—your people who will uplift you and help make this possible!!

Hope this helps you get the push you need!! If you need more of a push—reach out!! I am here for ya.


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